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  BDSM lifestyle since 1968 

This is the "Bee Story", which was on my webpage many years ago,, and became more well known than my website.

The Bee Story, and the Trail Story

A choice of punishments

I have yet to find someone who will enjoy trying either of the following stories, could it be you???

the sting of a bee can be fatal to some people, so be aware that a test for reactions to bee stings would have to be done before attempting this story in real life, as well as having appropriate bee sting kits on hand in case of a severe allergic reaction.

A few of the wilder things I may do to you

The first one is, the public one The Tail Story,,,
I take you to a place where men are known to park and go looking for women,,,,there is a trail, from the parking place down into the valley of the canyon, and wooded area,,, and girls who want to play around, or make a buck or two, are known to hang out down there on weekends,,,, waiting for some likely looking stud,,,,

and I take you clothed only in a robe, to a place quite a distance from the parking lot,,, and I tie your wrists to a rope, thrown over the branch of a tree, and stretch your arms high over your head,

then I slice the robe off of you, leaving you naked, and tie your ankles widely apart to the base of two trees near by,,,, and a part of the robe is used to make a gag, which is stuffed into your mouth, and tied tight,,,

and the another part is cut into a strip which is wrapped around your eyes, and at the same time ties up your hair to leave even your neck bare,,,and blindfold you,,,,
Then I take a large red felt tip pen, and I write across your belly, this message:


A couple of medium length single tail leather whips are left laid out on a towel in front of you.

then I retreat into the bushes to make sure that the treatment which may be provided by strangers,,,,,,

will not be injurious to you, and I wait to see what or who will come down the trail when it becomes daylight,,,,

will it be a man, or a girl, or a hunter with his dogs????
or a wife?????????  will you even know if it is a stranger, or me who approaches,,,,and whips and tortures you???  or a dominant mistress,,,,,who I have invited, or, or, now your imagination goes off the deep end,,,

maybe he has invited the whole local s/m club,,,,  unknown to you, all 40 of them,
each with their whips, and crops,   and that one guy who has a whip with sharp bits of metal woven into the leather,,, maybe they are all coming down the trail now,,,,,,,do you hear footsteps,  and the crack of a bull whip,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Of course you could chose to accept the other punishment, the bee torture,

you discover that the long postponed punishment has finally arrived, as I tie you to a table in the dungeon,,, arms tightly over your head, and down off the end of the table,,,,,  totally naked,,,,legs spread wide, and bent at the knees, down the sides of the table, and ankles tied tightly to the legs of the table.   then straps are buckled over your body at the belly, and all the way around under the table, so you cannot even lift your body,

or arch your lower back,,,

but your can still arch your upper back, and raise your hips slightly, with great effort, which you will soon do,,,,

there is no gag, and no blindfold, and a small pillow is placed under your head, so that you may even see
what is coming,,,, a small amount of honey is placed, no, rubbed, over your breasts, and I lick and chew off the first layer on order to assure your nipples   have enlarged and stiffened tight, with desire and fear,,,,

then I produce a glass jar,,,,two glass jars actually,,,, and in each are two honey bees,,,, not happy honey bees,,,, in fact very angry honey bees,,,,
and I invert the jars over your breasts,,, the bees immediately find the honey,,, on your nipples, and begin crawling all over your nipples,, getting more and more stuck,,,, and more and more angry,,,, and they feel the heat and fear of your body, and they smell the order of a crushed bee which I added to the honey,,,,and they get mad at you,,,,,

eventually, after what seems like an eternity for you ,,, they begin to sting your nipples, four on each,,,,, and your screams never stop...... of course each bee can only sting once,,,, because the stingers are left in you, and the bee dies,,,, but after all four have raped your nipples, you discover what I have in mind for you next....

the jars are removed, and honey is again,,, applied, this time,,,,, on your clit, which is already very hard,,,,,,,,, and another third glass jar is produced with two more bees, which are inverted over your clit and pussy lips,,,, by this time your shaking so hard, your hips are bouncing up and down, which causes them to begin stinging your clit and pussy lips immediately,,,,,,

all the bees sting you and you never stop screaming and crying and sobbing and begging to be fucked after which I climb on the table and began fucking your swollen and burning pussy, pounding your swollen clit with my body, and pressing my hairy chest on your swollen nipples, grind all of the stingers harder into them,,,,,, as your
screams beg for more and harder,,,,,knowing that any moment, one of those stingers in you, could come loose and hit me in the cock…., 

most interesting choices. . . . . . . . .
which would you choose,,,??????



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