Master Seth
  BDSM lifestyle since 1968 


I am:

>A Dark Sadistic Master

>VERY experienced

>Is limited only by law and my intent is to keep you heatlhy.

>Can torture your mind and body,, to the very edge,,,,,,,,,,.......... ? ?

>No Qualms here

>Learned about 40 years ago, that for many:

. . . "Pain is a Need"

. . . "Pain is Love"

. . . "Pain is a Caress"

Although most cannot give pain to you freely, because they are afraid they might hurt you,,,,
I WILL hurt you, and take you where you need to go, and even far beyond your imagination.

Are YOU a woman who I can TORTURE, CRUCIFY, WHIP till your SCREAMING, BEGGING, PLEADING FOR MERCY, of which there will be NO MERCY, and.....

Are You willing to do this to please Your Master ? ? ?

If you are, (or at least think your pretty close to that,, smiles), you may petition me for acceptance of your offer of body, mind, and soul. My direct email address is;

I have no problem with the most sadistic, as long as this is where you want to go, and within what your limits are, if you have any. I just Usually try not to break my toys, so you can live to serve me again tomorrow. Under safety and health limits, I include toilet, animals, unsafe sex, broken bones, and whoring you out.

Are YOU ready?    I am.

Your Master

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