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READ THIS,,,Documentation of the "event" which occured.

At a party recently in our local private club, I had a unusual event occur. I had often been able to have various slaves climax, on verbal command, but in this case, it was a slave who I had never yet touched, much less played with. We had been acquainted through meetings of a local Poly group, but were just casual conversationalists.

At this party, though, she had been watching over the back of the sofa I was setting on, as I was doing chain bondage (much like some rope bondage) on my slave.

I asked her if She Was Next? And she seemed to be interested.
So later, she joined me on her knees in front of the sofa. I was going to do chain bondage, but suddenly decided to so some verbal commands to climax.

She responded with screaming climaxes for 15 minutes.

This was so powerful that I decided to try pure mental control, with nothing verbal. I told her to read my mind, and feel what I was doing to her mentally.

This began the 45 minute long series of almost continuous screaming climaxes. The Dungeon Monitor had just come on his duty shift at the top of the hour, as I began the mental command without any spoken or “mouthed’ words. Being seated a few feet away, he documented the 45 minutes.

Her story follows:

I hadn’t planned to play that night. I’d taken a sleeping pill by accident that morning and spent most of the day napping, causing me to be two hours late to the annual 4th of July barbeque. The night before, I’d broken up with a man I’d been dating for 1-1/2 years. My occasional bottom was leaving the party as I arrived. A woman I’d recently connected with on Fetlife was unable to make it down from Phoenix.

I spent the first couple of hours socializing and flirting, paying only intermittent attention to the ongoing scenes. I’d noticed that Master Seth, seated in front of me on the couch, was creating a bondage pattern on his slave. But he was using various lengths of chains and snap clips in lieu of rope. It was similar to the way some over all body rope work is woven. I had known Master Seth for over a year through a local poly group and had seen him play a couple of times at this private club dungeon. I must have said something out loud, because he looked back at me, and asked “Are you next?” Without thinking, I said yes – imagining only that he would duplicate the chain corseting process with me. A few moments later, I heard his slave crying out as he played a short black leather single-tail over her skin. Ouch! I don’t like to be single tailed.

When Master Seth was done, he called me over, I stripped off my leather skirt and tank top. I knelt on a pillow at Master Seth’s feet as he sat in front of me on the couch. A blanket was spread behind me with the chains laid out in neat rows on a blanket behind me. We began a brief negotiation; Then suddenly Master Seth asked if I’d ever climaxed on command. I’d been experiencing amazing sexual energy over the past year and I had climaxed while making out a couple of times. But I’d never climaxed without some sort of foreplay physical contact, and certainly never on Verbal Command!

Without touching me at all, Master Seth directed me to put my knees together, clench my legs, and look deeply into his eyes. I remember noticing that his normally hazel eyes were a piercing blue, offset by his stark white beard. We locked eyes for only a moment before I broke the connection. I was curious but also skeptical that words alone could actually induce an orgasm without any physical contact. Master Seth mentioned something about working with and teaching ESP; I vaguely recalled a conversation with him months earlier when he insisted to me that I am an “intuitive”.

Before my mind could wander any further – or become rationally concerned and put up any defenses, Master Seth again captured my eyes with his piercing intense gaze. He asked if I could read his thoughts. I emptied my mind and concentrated on maintaining his gaze and trying to decipher his thoughts. I remember thinking, “I can’t read anyone’s mind, is he crazy?” Then, suddenly, on his verbal command, I CLIMAXED for the first time. Wait, what?!

He continued to mouth the word “go” and I DID ! Really?! He hadn’t touched me with any part of his body, only with his eyes staring into my eyes. I didn’t have time to process my thoughts any further before the next wave of orgasm rocked my body. I remember his hands forming into claws in his lap, and I felt ever deeper waves of pleasure coursing through my body. I fell back onto the chains and grabbed at the blanket, screaming with the continuing climaxes. I was completely unaware of anything other than his eyes and my body pulsing. His verbal commands continued for 15 minutes, as I continued to respond with screaming climaxes to his eyes and his compelling voice commands. Not once did he ever touch me or threaten me in any way.

After a few moments of relaxing, he then told me we were going to try this again, but This Time it would be with NO Verbal commands, just mental contact, and locked eye contact. I was to just read his eyes, and his mental commands. No, this cannot be possible ! !
But he was right!

The next long period of “purely mental, non-verbal, exchange of power” turned into a virtual onslaught of very intense, hard, body shaking climaxes, over which I seemed to have NO control, waves of contractions seized my body, shaking and quaking and loudly screaming with uncontrollable waves of constant climaxes!

A couple of times, I feebly tried to break our mental and eye connection – it was too much! But without speaking or touching me, Master Seth would point two fingers to my eyes then towards his, re-directing me to maintain our pure “locked eyes” contact. But there were no other hand signals, or controlling signs physically, just his eyes, and the strong flow of thoughts from his mind to mine, controlling, twanging, tormenting, my most private parts of my body and my reactions with his thoughts, as though he had plugged in to my total nervous system, and put me on remote control.

More waves of orgasms would crash over me and I would be pulled back into the depth of the unbelievable intensity of sensations and more screaming climaxes. At some point, I just started laughing along with the peaks of the screaming climaxes, reveling in this celebration, this fantastic ecstasy, this totally wanton playfulness as he controlled my entire nervous system and my sexual responses. As I approached total exhaustion and hysterical laughing, Master Seth finally allowed the connection to be broken, and instructed me to relax. This was the first words he had spoken since we started this “purely mental, non-verbal” exchange of power.

I collapsed back again,, exhausted, on the spread out chains and blanket, trying to catch my breath, and control the pounding in my heart and the pulsing of my body. Someone brought my inhaler and water. I continued laughing and basking in the afterglow of our mind blowing experience, and the climaxing “after-shocks”. It was a real individual and personal sexual experience for me, but nothing even remotely like masturbation, and there had been NO physical stimulation by him or me. As I came slowly back to awareness, I asked Master Seth how long I’d been “out” on this amazing “head trip”. He turned to the Dungeon Monitor sitting nearby to us, and the DM indicated at least 45 minutes. Amazing!

This turned out to be only the first act. After I came down enough to speak, Master Seth and I had another brief negotiation. Someone helped him to fasten and arrange the chains on my body as we initially planned to do. I liked the cold metal against my flushed skin. The snap clips and chain links pinched in all the right places. I was still incredibly turned on.

The rest of the night is not very clear, just a blur of being suspended in chain wraps and wrist cuffs, accepting and enjoying the single tail on my breasts, asking Master Seth to stop without speaking aloud, feeling protected in his arms, lying naked on the table as his fingers entered my wet and throbbing cunt, splashing cum as he deeply finger fucked me… Just a wonderful blur of pleasure.

When we were finished, he told me there would be a price for this evening. The price was that I had to write this report of my “experience” from the subs perspective. He said it was too special to not document it, and that the documentation should come from me a my experience. So this is my report of this amazing event.

It later turned out, as we compared notes a week or so later, that neither of us had much clear memory of the events after the intense, mind blowing Mental Control which created these climaxes. Apparently the intense mental effort created this mini memory block for both of us.

Smiles,, OK Master Seth…my debt is paid.

I wonder if I could ever go to that “headspace” again.

Humm,,, maybe,,,, “Oh Seth??” (laughing,,, and twinging)

© NH Girl
September 16, 2010

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