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Am I REAL or a FAKE?

So many websites such as,, and others seem to have a constant question as  to whether people on those sites are real.  Therefore, I present the following information as to my visiability, and evidence that I am very real, (sometimes some people wish I was not, because I tend to say what I think,, LOL)

Because of my work and leadership and teaching, in the business, professional, and BDSM "Communities", I have been very visible publicly.

As a result I can be tracked pretty openly through various things which can be seen on the Internet.

Here are some Internet links, which will help you to verify that I am Real, as well as see exactly who I am. Of  course my real name is Robert Wadlow (Bob), and my lifestyle name is Master Seth. More people in this world knw me know as Master Seth, than Wadlow.

Master Seth name references on the Internet:
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Profile w/picture on WebDate, old, from April 2009.

Desert Dominion Newsletter, lists my ESP Seminar on October 2009, NOTE: it's at bottom of 3rd Page

My profile with pictures on

From Journal,,, a true story of a lady who met Master Seth, and her experience.

Has a reference to Master Seth attending Master Bert’s Covering (Capping) Ceremony at the Arizona Power Exchange, (APEX) in Phoenix, AZ,    on Page 6, rt column

Reference Seth’s Breaking Seminar at Arizona Power Exchange in Phoenix, Feb 15th, 2010 
The Program was titled:
Master Seth and the "Incredible One". A No Limits Scene to continue till she breaks! "

Master Seth's Seminar at Desert Dominion, on Creating Headspace  

Reference to Seth's help in Dungeon Masters Training Manual

Robert Wadlow name references on the Internet:
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Reference to Robert Wadlow serving on the Tucson Homeless Planning Council.

Specs book for Merchants Coupon book, written by Robert Wadlow, chairman of Merchants Council

Reference to Robert Wadlow, sale of his Subway Store on Congress at Stone, downtown Tucson, AZ

Robert Wadlow addresses City Council on homeless problems in Downtown Tucson, on behalf of Downtown Merchants. On page 5 

References from Newspapers on Activities of Robert Wadlow:

Robert Wadlow sold his Subway franchise, at 29 W. Congress St., in late November to another franchisee for $400,000. "With all the talk and excitement about the Fox, I thought we'd see more business.It didn't happen.Instead of attracting young people with concerts, they've done mostly old movies that draw mostly older folks," said Wadlow, who was a founder of the Downtown Tucson Merchant Association, which no longer exists.Wadlow first noted the apathy in December 2005 when Nina Trasoff took over the city council seat formerly held by Fred Ronstadt, who had served two four-year terms. (That seat changed again Dec. 7 when Steve Kozachik was sworn-in replacing Trasoff.)When Trasoff came in, Wadlow said the concerns of downtown businesses were "basically ignored" by City Hall."I guess we merchants were spoiled by Fred,"Wadlow said.As director of the association, Wadlow delivered a menu of concerns to the city council.Collectively, they requested an open dialog, improved security to keep panhandlers from harassing customers, cleaner streets, a promotional partnership to link downtown businesses with city-owned venues, and to create some type of master plan for revitalization within Rio Nuevo. "It was like we weren't even here,"Wadlow said.New councilman Kozachik is quite aware of the issues outlined by Wadlow.

A couple dozen merchants this week appeared in front of the council to ask for better "tools" to deal with homeless people who harass customers, said Bob Wadlow, owner of the Subway shop at 29 W. Congress St. "We don't have enough tools to solve the problem," said Wadlow, who has become the merchant leader within the Tucson Downtown Partnership.Wadlow said merchants are acting independently of the Tucson Downtown Partnership's merchants council, which he chairs. "People say, 'Why not wait for the Partnership?' "Wadlow said."We can't wait."Wadlow said the homeless ask people waiting in line at Subway to buy them food, bathe in the restroom and fill up on water at the soda machine. He said one woman ate regularly at Subway, but has not returned after a homeless person knocked an outdoor table onto her because she would not give money. "I'm the watering hole for the desert,"Wadlow said.

Downtown business owners like Bob Wadlow (not pictured), owner of the Subway restaurant at 29 W. Congress St., are increasingly frustrated with aggressive panhandlers who they say scare away their customers. mamta popat / arizona daily star city web site, radio Bob Wadlow, who owns the Subway at 29 W. Congress St., spoke to the City Council on behalf of merchants in his area. He has raised money for local homeless organizations, he said, but more needs to be done on the law enforcement side as well. "My impression is they don't have adequate tools to deal with street-people issues that are going on,"Wadlow said.

Listing of Board of Directors of the Down Town Tucson Alliance:
Bob Wadlow, SubwayDavid Aguirre, Michael Crawford, Stephen Farley, Mary Lou Focht, Patrick Forsythe, Fiore Iannacone, Barbara Kennedy, Robert Knight, Crystal McGuire, Diana Rhoades, Ken Scoville, Margo Susco, Bob Wadlow, Jeff DiGregorio, Greg Foster, Felipe Garcia, Herb Stratford, Roger Karber, Ron Schwabe, Chris Leighton, John O'Dowd, Cheryl Berry, Doug Biggers, Swain Chapman, Shirley Cooney, Carlotta Flores, Steve Gibson, Andrew Greenhill, Bill Holmes, Mary Okoye, John Wesley Miller, David Nichols, Susan Ong, Cele Peterson, Rich Singer, David Wald-Hopkins.

Iannacone was perhaps one of downtown Tucson's most longstanding and high-profile merchants, said Robert Wadlow, owner of Subway Downtown Catering, a Subway franchise at 29 W. Congress St., a couple of doors down from Enoteca. " He had a very high visibility as a downtown merchant, so we're definitely going to be sorry to see him go,"Wadlow said.

"From the moment you drive into the parking lot at the mall, you are covered by camera," said Bob Wadlow, owner of Subway, 29 W. Congress St. "We don't have it.Bob Wadlow, who chairs the merchants council at the Downtown Tucson Partnership, did a survey of downtown merchants Nov. 21. All 14 participants favored a broad security program implemented immediately. Eleven of the merchants had no privacy issues with security camera, and 10 didn’t think customers would have privacy issues. Half said they could chip in for security cameras.

Robert Wadlow on the Big Bang Theory, and rapid expansion of the Universe:

Robert Ernest Wadlow says:   31 March, 2010 at 4:23 pm

I have been convinced for ten years now that the big bang theory just did not “fit” in my physic filter of “truth concepts”, or if you will, my apparent ability to recognize “nuggets of truth”.


More recently, the dark matter issue has also convinced me that the actual truth of Dark Matter, will be discovered when we find out how to test the more intricate aspects of the “red sift”. And that it will be the Red Shift which will become the tool to analysis of Dark Matter.

We need to simply get more understanding of how to analyze the intricacies of the Red Shift, in some way.

Once that discovery work is completed, the result will be that Red Shift is caused by the apparent absorption re-radiating, or the effect of pass through, of the light in such a way that the Dark Matter is actually creating the slight loss of frequency, IE: a Red Shift, as the frequency of light is slightly slowed down over and over again through the eons of “time” of its travel through Dark Matter.


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