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Hypnosis Work

I am in Tucson Arizona. And seek only local subjects,, (See restrictions below).

I used to do a lot of hypnosis, back when hypnotic Age Regression was a fad,, as far back as 1978 or so.

I apprenticed under a hypnotist in those years, who was doing large numbers of these age regressions. I am NOT a certified hypnotist.

I also recorded the sessions, and did research on verifiable historic information which would come out in those sessions.

I am now a student of Relyfe Programming, and I can see that it has some much better application to BDSM lifestyle than the older styles. Relyfe seems to have longer lasting effects, as well as being able to hypnotize people who have not been able to before.

What I really would like, besides some ladies who want to do this, is to find a sub or slave who would like to live in my Poly and Relyfe Hypnosis home here.

I also teach classes for up coming new Masters and Doms. I am a very advanced teacher of female anatomy. See my website for my class materials on female anatomy, including illustrations used in my classes,, at this website: .

You can email me directly at Or text only to my cell phone at 520-780-3744, TEXTing ONLY ! ! !

I am a "Mentalist", (not magic type), and I am doing research and experiments, in a number of related areas, including climaxes on verbal command, and even on MENTAL COMMAND. I also teach classes on ESP, and do "readings" on the Internet across the world, as well as suggestive climaxes across the Internet. My primary interest is exploring and expanding the horizons of what the human mind is capable of, especially in areas which are on the "Outer Edge".

See documentation in my Writings on my profile, related to last year's 4th of July Party at the local club, where there was a one hour of "on command" screaming climaxes, with a lady, who I had never ever touched yet. 15 minutes were verbal command climaxes, then 45 minutes were Mental command climaxes.

1. I work with sub women only. (That means NO MEN, NO TVs, etc.)
2. I do not teach other hypnotists.
3. I only do local in person, one on one,,,, I have no interest in doing online, chat, or recorded hypnosis where I cannot follow up on the results.
4. I do these on an "as time permits" basis, and I clearly will pick and choose those subjects who I believe is appropriate for them to enter into this type of hypnosis situation safely.
5. And it is FREE for those I find acceptable.

If you have supposedly not been able to be hypnotized, the Relyfe program seems to be able to overcome some of that problem. I would encourage you to come and lets see if this will be YOUR solution.

I will also accept some people who need to reduce or stop addictions, and some very selective other problems, such as migraine headaches, IF YOU have already had complete scans and tests to assure you have no underlying medical issues causing the headaches.

Use of hypnosis for pain relief can be very dangerous because it can mask the warning your body is giving you that something is wrong. There is a (possible Urban Legend) story of a lady who got hypnosis to eliminate belly pain, and later ended up in the hospital with a (totally painless) ruptured appendix. I do not want to go there,, thank you very much,,, smiles.

With Kindest Regards,
Master Seth

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