Master Seth
  BDSM lifestyle since 1968 
This website has just gone back online, from previous years, and will be under construction for awhile.

Check back to see additions and a very wide variety of helpful lifestyle information, and educational material.

You think you recall seeing this website years ago?, True! This website was first on the Internet back in the early 1990's, and remained a popular website for many years. At that time Master Seth lived in the north part of Phoenix, Arizona, This site was a popular site for lifestyle related stories, some of which became even more widely known than the website, such as the Bee Story.

Below left is a picture you may recall from the early days of the Master-Seth Website, (the picture on the left, with the red eyes), as well as a current picture on the right.

   Master Seth from the earlier Website              Master Seth in 2011, the Wizard's Beard is longer

Master Seth can be reached, at EMAIL, or
Yahoo Instant Messenger, his I D is MasterSeth99  
Yahoo is for CHAT, NOT FOR EMAIL
He lives in Tucson Arizona
IS 520-780-3744
He is available as a speaker, teacher, trainer, consultant, in the BDSM lifestyle

He is also a Mentalist experimenter and a teacher of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), with interests and experience in paranormal, hypnosis, hypnotic age regression, Relyfe Hypnotic Programming, and related fields of research into the potential of the human mind, including the creation of climaxes up on verbal command, as well as pure mental command.. (no verbal, no hand signs, just eye contact and mental will).
With the right teacher, the sky is the limit.

Since 1968, this Master has continued active in the BDSM lifestyle, and in his own study, experience, and research, constantly expanding his knowledge and following his curiosity into "WHAT IS POSSIBLE".
He began in 1988 to be a lifestyle teacher in education panels, programs, and organizations, after joining the Arizona Power Exchange (APEX) at it's first anniversary in 1988, where he served in a very wide ranges of jobs, including, Board Member, President, Treasurer, Space Improvement Chair, and more. He was awarded an honorary Lifetime Membership for his work for APEX from 1988 to 2002.. 

He first joined Desert Dominion (DD) in 2002, and then rejoined in 2009, and served as Education Chair in late part of 2009, until he accepted the job of President for 2010.  He has been a presenter at DD, including classes on ESP, Creating Headspace, and a class series on the training of Tops, Doms and Masters.
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